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The African Youth SDGs Summit is Africa’s largest youth forum on the Sustainable Development Goals. Launched in 2017, the Summit has evolved to bring together a multi-sector coalition of youth, development experts, government and UN entities, NGOs, and the private sector to create the Africa we want together…..

In the year 2018, Youth Legacy Ghana participated massively in the 2nd African Youth SDGs Summit and from hence has become a leading youth-driven organization that contributes to the successful organization of the event.  In the 2020 3rd edition of the event, Youth Legacy Ghana was welcomed as a youth partnering organization working hand-in-hand with other prominent and world-leading organization including; Youth Advocates Ghana, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Population Fund, Millenium Promise Alliance, Melton Foundation, Care International, Action Aid, Oxfam International, United Nations Ghana, Ministry of Planning, International Association of Young Geographers and other prominent institutions. 

YOLEG has received an honorary certificate of Appreciation from the event convener Mr. Emmanuel Ametepey the Executive Director of Youth Advocates Ghana. The appreciation noted the contribution of the YOLEG Family towards the organization of the event. YOLEG welcomes and accepts the recognition given by such a great gathering. We say thank you to the organizers for making us partners of the event.

YOLEG volunteers who are passionate about solving global issues attended the event with impressive numbers and contributed to discussions pertaining to the sustainable development goals. Joining the team led by Mr. Benjamin Edwards the Co-Founder and Program Manager of YOLEG, Ms. Jennifer a (Volunteer), Mr. Attah Agyemang Emmanuel Senior (Volunteer), Ms. Patricia Awauni (Volunteer), and Mr. Adu Mensah Junior the Executive Director of YOLEG.

Following the Summit, YOLEG and her members were able to network with the right organizations which led to the successful organization of the SDGs and Academic Research Conference 2020. A word from our program manager Mr. Benjamin Edwards read “the African Youth SDGs Summit has opened my eyes to understand the urgency from driving new researches, projects and interventions to scale up the achievement of AGENDA 2030 of the Sustainable Development Goals.”


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