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Our Executive Director in the person of Mr. Adu Mensah Junior was appointed to represent Ghana along with Ms. Gloria Maame Abena Otoo for the SIXTH Pan-African and Diaspora Virtual Youth Leadership Summit organized by African Renaissance and Diaspora Network (ARDN), in partnership with UNDP, UNFPA, UNWOMEN, UNHABITAT and the Government of Costa Rica.

Representing the gateway to Africa “Ghana”, our Founder and Leader was tasked to share his experiences on climate change, the impact of climate change in the context of gender, and gender inequalities in Africa and the Diaspora. 

Owing to his numerous experiences, our leader mentioned that, the impact of climate change is more evident in Africa because we cannot build mitigation measures and implement adaptation strategies to aid subsistent farmers in the continent. He further highlighted the following facts as some of the evident impacts of climate change in Africa. 

He expelled that, “We can only understand the disparate impact of climate change on men and women based on the social construction of gender roles. Thus, gender roles in Africa homes are one of the criteria for analyzing the impact of climate change in Africa. He highlighted the following impact of climate change; 

  • Increasing Water Stress and Water-Related Conflict
  • Constrained agricultural production and food insecurity 
  • Degradation of Livelihood in Coastal Environment due to rising sea levels. 
  • Biodiversity Loss Implicating Low access to Natural Resources 
  • Expanding range and prevalence of vector-borne diseases. 
    • The greater susceptibility of pregnant women, children, to such diseases; higher mortality rates
    • The burden of care on women, the elderly, children, and impacts quality of life and opportunities.

He further pointed out that, the possible means Africa can rise to remedy climate change especially bouncing back from the impact of Covid-19, we ought to implement more adaptational strategies for farmers and encourage sustainable livelihood in urban areas. He explained that some sustainable livelihood hacks such as cycling, reusing plastic bottles, home recycling of clothing’s and other home-based green/eco-friendly actions should be enshrined in the Africa community.

It is worthy to note that, the event was graced by the Vice President of Costa Rice, Epsy Campbell Barr, the Deputy Executive Director of United Nations Population Fund Ms. Diene Keita, and other global leaders.   

The meeting was held on the ZOOM VIRTUAL PLATFORM for over 3hours where several youth selected among 48 African countries discussed the fate of Africa towards Climate Change and Gender related issues.  

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