About US.

A youthdriven front with national recongition and social presence:: advocating for education, climate and biodiversity.
Our VisionGive

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to lead development


We envisage a society where education is prioritized as the means of conserving biodiversity and sustaining climate in our society.

Mission & Purpose

We are committed to educational research activities, equipping and empowering youth to be effective advocates of sustainable biodiversity and climate actions in their schools, community, nation, and beyond.

  • Commitment to Research: We cover societal woes through adequate research activities. We based on empirical evidence to make logical inferences about issues in our society. 
  • Youth & Teens Empowerment: Our works focus on youth and teenagers. We build a network of youth that connect to enforce biodiversity conservation and climate sustainability. 
  • Localized Actions: We base our works within the local framework, orienting indigenes on matters of climate, biodiversity, and education.

Our Beliefs & Values

Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones. We do not comprise faith, research, professionalism, accountability, teamwork, and youthdriven. We uphold these credentials in all our engagements. 


We believe in the wisdom behind creation. We uphold the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience believing in the divine work of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We work with high efficiency and place importance and good measure on every issue or activity. We are dedicated to tasks bearing each other’s differences to achieve a common goal.


We are heeded with our responsiveness to the task we embrace. We are answerable to reporting with evidence. We provide open financial deliberations for our partners, donators and supporters. 


We believe and practice cooperation with the efforts of others to achieve enviable results. We are further noted with our ability to network with the right people for development. 



We undertake important researches to help us gain the best approach in addressing sustainable development. We conduct educational researches, climate studies and bio-diversity studies. Our findings give us the empirical evidence to address national policies and to participate on high level development planning forums. We employ the use of modern technologies such as Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing and others to research into our thematic areas


We are passionate to ensure that, education is prioritized as the major tool in addressing climate and biodiversity issues. Quality and affordable education should be made available for all youth. We, therefore, seek to provide educational materials for students ranging from prepared syllabus based books, writing notebooks, computers, storybooks, and others.


We seek to address, advocate, and raise concerns pertinent to climate. We champion campaigns against global warming and voice out the future climate pattern we want as a youth. Our approach to climate sustainability is visible in our public education forums, tree planting projects, forest restoration projects, and others.


Biodiversity provides numerous services that support human lives on earth. Most people depend entirely on bio-resources for a living making the concept of environmental determinism applicable especially in rural areas. We endeavor to raise awareness on sustainable utilization of biodiversity and provides restoration interventions to the Ramsar site, Wetlands, and Forest.


Mrs Esther Yeboah Danso-Wiredu (PhD)

Mrs Esther Yeboah Danso-Wiredu (PhD)

I am a social Geographer with experience working in community and academia……… 

Mr Kwadwo Gyabaah  (PhD)

Mr Kwadwo Gyabaah (PhD)

I am a geographer with an interest in addressing sustainable development goals………

Mr Emmanuel M. J. Tamanja (PhD)

Mr Emmanuel M. J. Tamanja (PhD)

I am a global researcher with an interest in child education and ………

Mr Adu Mensah Junior

Mr Adu Mensah Junior

I am a youth activist with interest in advocating for sustainable climate and biodiversity………

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We are a team of researches with interest in addressing educational, climate and biodiversity issues in our societies. Our drive is based on our undertanding of voluntary actions by youth to foster development. 

Adu Mensah Junior.

Adu Mensah Junior.

Executive Director

Mr. Adu, is an asuite social activist who advocates for education and biodiversity. He believes the conservation of nature is one of the primal duites of humanity on earth. He is a researcher with interest in Biodiversity and Urban Development. 

Benjamin Edwards

Benjamin Edwards

Programs Manager

Jessica Sackitey

Jessica Sackitey

Adminstrative Officer

Elizabeth Agbovi

Elizabeth Agbovi

International Relation Officer

Samuel Agyekum

Samuel Agyekum

Research Director