The education Support initiative is a project launched to aid quality education in rural areas in Ghana. As part of the quest of Youth Legacy Ghana to address and implement policies outlined for sustainable development goal 4, we target to aid pupils and students living in rural areas with learning materials; note writing books, and thinker cards to provide access to smooth visual learning.

Project Drive.

In awake of the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing global warming and sanitation issues in Ghana, there is an audacious need for students to be much more aware and conscious of information regarding the aforementioned problems. Practical measures and required steps ought to be placed for students to regularly engage themselves in the implementation of all measures meant to curb Covid-19, global warming, and sanitation.

Youth Legacy Ghana has hence launched the educational support initiative purposed at not only to aid students with learning materials but design these learning materials with coping and adaptation strategies/measures that will enable students to be more informative towards issues concerning climate, sanitation, COVID-19, and sustainable development goals.  The learning materials are designed in a way that informs students at a glance do’s and don’ts of the Covid-19 pandemic, sanitation, and global warming and further teaches them to step by step procedure for making homemade hand sanitizers, fruit planting, and making of homemade dustbins.

Objectives of the Project.

  • Provide education learning materials for students.
  • Develop the psychomotor and cognitive domain of pupils in low-primary schools.
  • Sensitize students on sanitation, and global warming, SDGs, and the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Inform students through book cover design and thinker cards, the step by step ways of preparing homemade hand sanitizers, environment gardening, homemade dust bins, and others.

Materials Design Patterns. 

  • Writing Notes. We shall be donating four sets of writing note pad; Covid-19 notepad, SDGs, sanitation notepad, and tree planting notepad. The cover of the notepads is designed with information’s on the preventive measures and do’s and don’ts of Covid-19 and clean sanitation. The writing note pads will include procedures for starting gardening and tree planting around homes and schools.
  • Thinker cards with sustainable development goals design shall also be given to students as a means of advocating the SDGs among youth. The cards will raise the cognitive capacity of the student and increase their awareness of the SDG’s

Project Structure

The project seeks to share over 60,000 learning aids including writing notebooks, tinker cards, puzzle boxes. The project is implemented in 30 schools sharing a minimum of 2000 pieces of learning materials to schools. Each school selected will be given 1500 exercise books and 500 puzzle boxes & tinker cards. Four sets of writing pads with four designs of Covid-19 awareness, sanitation awareness, climate sustainability, and SDGs advocacy are displayed on the cover pages of the books. Tinker Cards puzzle and puzzle boxes for SDGs shall be given to pupils in basic schools to develop the cognitive, and psychomotor aspects of pupils.